Version 14 Treatment Card

Discussion created by karenecalefdmd on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by sundberg101

After yesterday's webinar, the team came up with a few questions. 


1) Will the Patient Treatment History be able to print in colors. We used to be able to do this.  And they take notes in various colors, but currently this function to have a printed copy in color is not in OrthoTrac anymore.  The doctor particularly liked it when she was doing a Consultation.  

2) We are also curious whether the Data Base Field will be in the Treatment Card window.

It is a great place to have notes about patient personal hobbies, school, etc come up to start a conversation with the patient and put them at ease.  

3) And lastly, but most importantly, are permissions going to be for each section of Treatment Card window.  Front desk, financials, etc are usually different permissions that assistants.  How will that function with so much more info available in Tx Card window.


Lastly, Thank You for all the hard work to make such a huge change!  It is exciting and looking good.

Kathy, Office Manager