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Question asked by alyssab on Oct 11, 2017
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In version 9.0/9.1 EMR Notes of WINOMS; There is now a "date created" and "progress date" wondering if there is anyway to have the notes sort by "progress date" instead of the "date created?"


Our Doctors use an outside dictation system that we don't always get the note back the day the patient was seen (we copy and paste it into the EMR so our Doctors can then sign them) so the progress note date is not stored in the EMR the same as the date the patient was seen its the "date created."  We do change the note date when adding it into the EMR to the progress date the patient was seen but it does not go in order that way so sometimes the note gets missed or overlooked. The emr notes use to go by progress date before the new update.


Thanks for your help