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Different Types of Patients

Question asked by dental3208 on Oct 11, 2017
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We see patients for different treatment courses like our normal hygiene and cosmetic dentistry patients, but we also see sleep apnea patients, and are now seeing more of an increase in referred in patients from a local VA clinic. These patients are not 'grouped' or in anyway differentiated from each other in our Softdent and it is causing an issue with our recall feature of Solutionreach. The sleep patients and VA patients do not need to be on the Solutionreach recall list because it causes confusing. Does anyone know the best/most effective way to differentiate each patient without manually entering a code into each person's chart? After there has been a distinguishing code or something in Softdent, I think I can run a report on Solutionreach to not include these patients on their recall efforts. Thanks in advance!