Questions and Comments - WinOMS 9.1

Discussion created by steve132221 on Oct 19, 2017
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We just updated to WinOMS 9.1 this week, and we have a few things we've noticed, and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on them.


1. Has anyone noticed an issue trying to print prescriptions when submitting an encounter slip? We will, intermittently, get some sort of database error, and the scripts we selected to be printed will show up in the RX list, but they won'@t actually print. We then have to manually re-prescribe the meds in the RX tab of the EMR, and void out the duplicate scripts.


2. In the encounter slip, is there a way to alphabetize the diagnosis code list? The procedure code list? Right now, it seems that the codes are there, but in no real order, which makes it hard to find specific codes (even within certain categories, when those categories contain a lot of codes).


3. When trying to search for a procedure or diagnosis code in the Encounter Slip, putting a "%" before a keyword doesn't seem to work. In order to search a code, the exact text must be entered. Is there any way to make it a keyword search, or at least allow the prefix of "%" to do a keyword search?


4. If a patient fills out a health history form by hand (instead of online), and we scan that form into WinOMS, by selecting the image category of "Patient Registration", the registration is placed into the Attachments tab of the EMR, not the Patient Reg tab. Is there a workaround for this?


5. Is anyone else experience an issue with the appointment scheduler report when printing as single provider/single column/include referral where the patient's telephone number is now missing the parentheses and hyphen? The telephone number is now just ten digits together, which at quick glance, makes it a little more difficult to read.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.