Patient Workspace off-center (Version 9.1)

Discussion created by annag on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by paula1

We often have WinOMS resized to not be maximized on the entire computer monitor, since we may have another window/software open on the same monitor. This used to be a non-issue, but with the new version it is coded to open Patient Workspace to the center of the monitor (?) instead of to the center of the WinOMS program (as it used to).

Other pop-up windows, such as Pay/Adj, Charges, etc. all open in the center of the software, but for some reason the Patient window opens to the same place (center of some set # of pixels) no matter how the software window is resized. the "Docked Patients" also does not move left with the resizing of the screen.


We have many users who work with WinOMS partially minimized to keep another program visible on screen, such as electronic remittances from insurance, electronic medical records, insurance websites, Excel, Word, etc. With the new update, if you want to do this, you have to keep moving the patient window over to the left every time a new patient account is opened in order to make it fully visible. I understand with the new EMR module taking up more screen resolution that this may cause issues, but the EMR module seems to maximize to whatever size WinOMS is currently open to just fine, and adds scrollbars when necessary. The patient Workspace, however, opens off-center -- it should default to open the patient window in the center of the software so it's visible/centered every time.


I've enclosed a screenshot to show where windows default opening positions are when WinOMS is not maximized to the full screen (notice the Docked Patients button as well). Would assume this could be easily fixed in a future update since the previous version of the software didn't do this. Thanks!


Screenshot of WinOMS windows opening off-center