Insurance plans being switched in softdent

Discussion created by currin on Nov 2, 2017
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"Houston we have a problem" and I am wondering if anyone else out there in softdent land has been experiencing the same issue that our office has been experiencing for the last few weeks......a number of our patients accounts are having issues with their insurance information switching to a different plan.  We have started to keep tract of the patients and the insurance companies ie: being switched from original insurance  information to wrong insurance information and it seems that all insurance  companies are affected no rhyme or reason however delta dental is seeming to show up most frequently.  Softdent doesn't have a  audit report to run to see if this is human front desk swears they are doing nothing differently.  Patients are upset and staff is confused to date we have about 26 patients affected.  Any help out there "Houston".  Softdent ran a utility on the insurance program so we will see....Spoke to Trojan and they have not input but would welcome a conference call with softdent if issue continues.......Help....