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Discussion created by christopher.octa Employee on Nov 14, 2017
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Good day everyone!


My name is Christopher Octa and some of you may have met me at the Global Oral Health Summit this past weekend. I just wanted to properly introduce myself in the community.


I've been with Carestream Dental for over 5 years. A majority of my time has been doing work in the general dentist space (mostly with the new care management platform (project Phoenix), CS Boost, and R4, the DPMS offering in the UK). I'm now tasked to work with matt.ackerman to help design the next release for WinOMS. For the next several months, I'll be using the community forum to share ideas and get conversations going on some of the things I observe in the software and in the practices.


At this time, our current direction that we're looking to explore is the patient workspace and how to help facilitate some of the workflows in the front office. We're also looking back and taking another look at the New EMR to make enhancements to it from the feedback we received. During the conference, I've received some feedback regarding New EMR that has prompted me to invest more time into investigating it further. I'll also be looking at any discussions that have been posted here to help inform myself more.


I look forward to working with everyone as we get into the next release of WinOMS.