Appointment Book Update

Discussion created by juriz Employee on Nov 16, 2017
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Good afternoon PracticeWorks users,


The development and QA team are hard at work on updates to the appointment book. I wanted to take this opportunity to give the community a sneak peak and an opportunity to provide feedback. 


*Click on the image for a larger view. 


The first thing you'll notice is the lack of green space. The next thing you'll see is the spiral and book graphics are gone. As a result the appointment book is able to 'breath' and fill out a widescreen monitor. 


There are a host of other changes; some you can see and some you cannot. 

  • The action buttons are no longer vertical. They are now horizontal along the top. 
  • The appointment book, Ask, and PracticetoGo buttons are removed. 
  • The Yellow Sticky graphic is more prominent (no faux sticky graphic, now a yellow square). 
  • The name of the appointment book in view is displayed. 
  • Clicking on the appointment book name displays the "Select Appointment Book to Use" window.
  • The up/down arrows scroll through your appointment books. 
  • The home icon returns you to the default appointment book. 
  • The buttons to move the appointment book up/down on the far left are now significantly larger. 
  • The date in view is now prominent. 
  • The calendar can be hidden or retrieved via the calendar icon next to the date.
  • If the calendar has fallen below the visible screen, clicking the calendar icon by the date will 'bump' the calendar into view. 
  • The ability to drag-n-drop appointments. 
  • Modern color palate.


There are a few changes still in the works, including scalability down to 1024x768 and changing the Closed time to make grid lines visible.


As work on the appointment book wraps up, we will begin looking at how to reduce/eliminate record locking between the front and back of the practice for a 2018 release. 


I'd love to get feedback on our progress. Please share your comments below!