Rx and Licensing coordination

Discussion created by carolyn621 on Nov 18, 2017
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Developers - we have an issue that is at least two years old and support has known about this for the same amount of time with the Rx not printing the doctor’s name on the printed prescription. The license is registered to the practice name. Our state requires the doctor’s name to be on the header of the prescription. This was brought up over 2 years ago and still not resolved. All the settings have been checked by support to find another option without success. 

So would it be possible that this could be resolved and be part of the upcoming 2018 release. 

We have developed a work around although it absolutely leaves out PW. 

The Rx header we created is in MS Word. That is printed individually to keep control in the Rx paper. Then manually the prescription is written it and we have to locate doc for his signature. This si too much wasted time for everyone. 

The reason to have PMS is to create efficiency otherwise we all would still be using paper scheduling. 

We would like to work smarter not harder and PW is having us to work harder not smarter.