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Assigning Automatic Write Offs

Question asked by jeanspears on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by robert.angus

Over the past year we have been working to set up our PW software to do automatic write offs for Delta Dental so we can have a more accurate collection amount for a patient's out of pocket costs. I am having an issue getting that write off to post to the correct doctor.  We have two doctors in our practice - a father and son and they jointly own the practice.  But we still need to keep all of there production, collections and adjustments separate.  They can both own production and administer AR.  But when I check out an appointment the write off is always posting to the father and I try to change it to the son and it changes back to the father.  I should mention, the father was listed as the original AR owner and doctor since it was his practice prior to the son joining us in 2014.

I know there is an area on the patient's clipboard to assign which doctor owns production and when I change that to the son's it still posts a write off to the father.  I see there is also an area to change the "AR admin by".  BUT this can only be changed on the main or responsible party account.  So for instance, if a husband is the RP and he sees Dr. Father - the write off posts accurately.   But if his wife prefers to see Dr. Son I can't change her "AR admin by" on her clipboard - it's grayed out.  Is there any other way to fix this so I can accurately post the write offs to the correct doctor?  Or any other suggestions?