E-Prescriptions are unacceptable in current state

Discussion created by nvsa on Dec 13, 2017
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My name is Ken and I am a practicing oral surgeon. Our 3 doctor 3 office practice starting using the e-rx several months ago. So we have had some time to incorporate it's usage into our work flow. Prior to it we just printed prescriptions from WinOMS. With "old" paper scripts we had security issues and difficulty getting prescriptions to some patients during weekends or after hours. So we were excited to go electronic. 


However we learned the hard way that the erx software does NOT pull in documented allergies from the patient's WinOMS medical history. It does pull patient demographic and insurance information from WinOMS. Allergies must be re-entered into the erx software (a rather time intensive procedure in itself). This erx software uses a comprehensive database of medication variables (a good thing) and is why it doesn't tie into WinOMS (which is antiquated in its medical history documentation). Furthermore, our assistants usually enter in prescriptions and our doctors review and approve. The current system allows approval of prescriptions by completely bypassing and never entering a patient's chart. This is a big issue as now the allergies and medication lists are not reviewed prior to authorizing a new prescription. This takes away a critical safeguard to catching wrong prescriptions from being issued. Also the erx's given are not always being charted back into WinOMS. Sometimes it does, most of the time it doesn't and we cannot figure out what makes it stay in WinOMS. 


So I'm sure you are saying "just open the chart yourself before approving." And that's what I have to do now. But this has turned the e-prescription service into now taking way too much of our clinical time to effectively give a patient a rx. Me and my office have spent many hours on the phone with Carestream trying to sort this out. The responses we get are "go to our community blog" and "it's not a WinOMS product." This kind of support is unacceptable. The patient is the most important aspect of our practices and this is a huge potential risk to our patients' safety. This software would not pass any hospitals quality assurance practices. I've used Epic for 7 years now, and it seamlessly incorporates electronic prescribing into it's EMR.  So it can be done. 


So I invite a WinOMS informatics developer to give me a call and work on a resolution for this. 


Kenneth Blais DMD, MD

office 703-998-3971