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More setting choices, less uniform updates?

Question asked by khill on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by staceyw

Our office just updated from the 9.0 to the 9.1 version. Every time we go into workspace the screen automatically gets smaller. When you make it full screen but then click for example new stage or edit demographics, it once again goes back to small screen. It understand it is easy to make the screen smaller or larger. When I asked if there was a setting so each office could choose which way they would prefer to have their screens, I was told the large workspace screen was a huge complaint due to not feeling as though offices could multitask between schedule and workspace for example.


Maybe another solution to being able to multitask would be allowing for the system to split screen. That way you can look at the schedule and have EMR or workspace open. I think that would also make it easier to ensure you are working on the correct patient before putting in the schedule in case you forget to alt R. Not having split screens does not make sense, but defaulting a screen size seems to?? Is there anyway that split screens can happen with the whole system, not just the x-rays? Why couldn't the bigger smaller workspace screen been a setting instead of making it uniform? After all, isn't that why there is a maximize/minimize button?


I feel as though there isn't a lot of communication between the customers and the programmers. I know you are a large company and surely can not get everyone's opinion on how things should change. That would be silly and not everyone is going to be on the same page. I get majority rules, but again settings, that way offices can choose what they want the system to do. Split screens would be very beneficial to this system. I feel like every office would benefit from being able to look at the schedule and demographics on 2 screens if they wanted vs making the schedule smaller and workspace smaller just to see them both side by side. I am grateful that other things did happen with this update like the inactive prescriptions no longer show up as an option to print, the system "thinks" less and moves quicker. I just feel like out of all the things that could have been updated the smaller screen seems like it could have easily been a "work around". Maybe having the schedule automatically refresh when a new appointment is added, or each appointment being one solid block instead of looking like 3 different appointments with the white line in between, or the referral data base not kicking you out of the system when you try to add a referral to the demographics or in the implant tab, workspace not maximizing the full screen (thankful that EMR does utilize that), the fact that I have to close my email every time I want to print a label as a "work around" bc with windows 10 and the new email, support says that's what I need to do for it to print. 


I'm sorry if this came across as rude, as that is not my intention. I know designing software and making all your clients happy is not an easy thing to do,  but as a practice with 4 offices and 6 doctors there are a lot of not user friendly things about this system that make daily tasks very frustrating. 


Maybe all these things are a work in process and we don't know about it. Any input would be greatly appreciated