Till Screen Payments Options

Discussion created by notley on Jan 3, 2018
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We use R4 Clinical+. When taking payment from patients by card there are only two card options, Credit and Debit cards. As most practices use the same merchant bank for these services there is no great advantage in having Credit and Debit Card payments separated. I would suggest that the Debit Card option is changed to Amex as this is normally a payment facility where a different merchant provider is needed and where we receive dedicated statements.


I was given the suggestion to create a script and put it into the dropdown option together with BACS. Recently the BACS payment option was added to the till screen which was a great idea however when preparing your accounts in the breakdown screen these payments are added to something called 'Other payments'. I don't feel this is very helpful as the breakdown screen should be as itemised as possible making our accounting life easier.


As patients now how many different ways in how they want to pay our software should be versatile rather than adding things together into 'other payments'. I look forward to your thoughts.