Alphabetizing Patient Names with Suffixes

Discussion created by suzanne on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by doctom4300

Is there a "best practices" guideline on how best to enter patient names when they have suffixes, such as Jr, Sr, or I, II, III?  In order for the names to show up correctly on printed statements, we have to enter last names as "Johnson, Jr" and Johnson, Sr". However, when patients call in, they don't usually say this is "XX Johnson Junior".  And since the Johnson section is rather large, we end up entering duplicate patients because the Scheduling Coordinator can't find the original patient.  Needless to say, consolidating patients after x-rays have been taken is not fun.  So we're trying to minimize the duplicate patient syndrome.  A similar situation happens with nicknames.  Sometimes the patient calls in and refers to him/herself as "Given Name," other times as "Nickname".  I've noticed some staff actually putting the nickname in quotes right after the First Name, such as... Jennifer"Jenny"...with no spaces, and leaving the Nickname blank.  I see problems in our future.  Help!