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Problem Scanning from WinOMS 9.1

Question asked by bmeyer on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by bmeyer

Bought two of the DS-530 Scanners for Coastal Oral Surgery (I am their IT Tech).  When they scan WinOMS uses the Epson Twain Driver, the Twain interface pops up where they can customize the scan then scan it. It scans as a Tif(WinOMS Defaults) but they check the save as pdf option in WinOMS. The Scanner will work 4,5 times no issues. But then they scan and it causes WinOMS to crash, the typical this program has stopped working. The Event ID will show that es2fileformat.dll will be the cause of the crash which is located in the Epson Scan folder.


When this happens you can no longer communicate with the Scanner. The executable for the WinOMS CS will still be running, i end that process but they still have to restart the computer all together for the Scanner to start communicating again. These Scanners have just been setup so this problem started right away. 


The Epson Software is up to date and the Epson Updater did update the Firmware of the Scanners. We have moved from USB 3.0 ports to 2.0 ports and back (it's a USB 3.0 Scanner), we installed a USB 3.0 card and connected to that. Not making a difference. The problem is happening on both computers. 


Side note, the computers were using Neat Scanners but they're old and the Neat Software is old because Neat now makes you pay a subscription if you want the updated Software (Umm, No Thank You).  They were having problems so moved to a different Scanner.  We did remove the Neat Software from the computers.  I have used these Scanners in other Dental Practices and worked fine (those practices use Dentrix and Scan through it so not Apples to Apples).


The User's Account has admin privileges.

OS:  Windows 10 latest build

No User Account Control On

Put in exceptions in Anti-Virus for Epson and WinOMS