WinOMS Printing - Locks Up

Discussion created by nates-dtc on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by kirchiri

Here's one for WinOMS support.. tried calling via phone but the phone support hasn't been much help whatsoever.


Sometimes when Word is open WinOMSCS locks up until word is closed when trying to print from WinOMS. This is proven by analyzing the mdcs.exe wait chain. MDCS.exe is waiting for WINWORD.exe for an unknown reason as of now. WinOMS support has no idea whats going on and blame Kyocera printers or Word. This office has been fine printing to Kyocera printers for a long time before version 9.0. We upgraded to 9.2 recently and still get the same behavior. Why is WinOMS waiting for word to print? This issue is also more random than consistent. Nothing seems to "cause" this to happen. Would like some second opinions on this issue because I am at a loss and the support isn't any help. Thank you!