Encounter Diagnosis Search Box Missing, 9.2

Discussion created by steve132221 on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by omsnashville

We just updated to version 9.2 this past weekend, and we are noticing on our workstations that if we try to do an encounter slip through the EMR, when we click the search button in the diagnosis tab (the little magnifying glass), a window pops up where you would normally type in your search, but in 9.2, that window that pops up does not actually have a field with which to enter any text at all.


The only thing we can do in that popup window is hit "All", and that will display all diagnosis codes (even ones that are no longer active).


On the note of inactive diagnoses coming up, inactive procedure codes also come up in that respective search. Procedure codes that have been inactive for over a decade still show up as a search result. Is this something that can be fixed so that only active/real results show?