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How to fix wrong expected insurance and patient out of pocket from Bluebook?

Question asked by dental3208 on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by mdunham

Our Bluebook estimations are incorrect on estimating the two different portions. I know that updating it takes time and we are updating it through our posting insurance payments window. I have also discovered that each default plan is set to 'percentage' but we are a PPO office. So I have been changing that slot as well (changing it to %PPO) and adding in the correct percentages covered by each plan from the e-Verify feature we just got. But I am now confused because it seems like not all of the plans are %PPO. How do I tell the difference between Flat-Fee PPO fees & Percentage PPO plan fees? We want to get this working so we can tell the patient their estimated oop and to schedule at time of diagnosis and cut the middle of waiting for pre-auths for simple procedures.