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Insurance set up

Question asked by barbhouser on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by softdentgirl

Is there a way to attach a tertiary insurance plan in the patient screen?  We have patients who have insurance through themselves, a spouse and a parent.  Right now, after the secondary insurance has paid, I have to take out that insurance and put in the tertiary.  Submit the insurance (without really submitting it), put in a zero dollar insurance payment and then print out another secondary claim form.  I have to white-out secondary and write in tertiary claim on the top of the claim form.  And then delete the zero dollar insurance payment from the patient's transactions.

I also see a need for more than 4 guarantors.  When you have 5 children and they all have their own insurance through the state, I have make another account to accommodate all of the guarantors.  Having 2 accounts is confusing for the parents.