What's New in PracticeWorks 8.1

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Good afternoon PracticeWorks community!


I am thrilled to announce that version 8.1 is now available. This was a labor of love and includes changes to the appointment book that we think you'll be excited to see.


This version contains the following items: 


Appointment Book Update

  • Appointment book scales to Windows screen resolution (no configuration needed)
  • Drag and drop appointments
  • Visual indicator of current time on day (thin red line)
  • Toolbar moved to horizontal position
  • Appointment book name displayed on appointment book
  • New controls to select a different book directly on the appointment book
  • Show/Hide floating calendar icon (next to selected date)
  • NOTE: Calendar icon will also “Bump” a hidden or off screen floating calendar.
  • Improved appointment book scroll navigation
  • UI enhancements


Read more about the appointment book changes here

 Updated Appointment Book



  • Defect corrected: Attachment pick list crash. This occurred when an attachment file name was over 80 characters. 
  • Defect corrected: Misc. over-distributions (LIA users only)



If you commented on the "Sneak Peek" post you will receive a copy of the DVD once the initial shipments go out.