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Does anyone else have issues with the recall system?

We book a 6 month appointment for the patient when they leave obviously not everyone wants to do this and would rather a recall and also people make these appointments then cancel or forget.

There needs to be a system that picks these people up. I have been on the phone numerous times about the recall system this is the answer I got, the recall/recare springboard system will only work if no patients make appointments and then everyone just gets a letter then calls up. I don’t know any practices that do this.

Surely carestream can have a report to pick up patient that are due a 6 month exam from their last one, and if this done it could be incorporated into the springboard now the spring board for us is nil/void and pointless.

R4 picks up so much information for the springboard I feel this can’t be hard, its extremely annoying, this system is supposed to make life easier and it’s not! I was on an R4 course recently and every practice at the course had issues with recalls.


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