Orthotrac Tx Card Functionality Questions

Discussion created by bperez on Mar 23, 2018
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After using the latest version for a few weeks, we have found several things that we have questions regarding or would like provide feedback on for potential updates in the future. 


1.) In the upper right hand portion of the tx card where the patient's information is located (gender, DOB, etc) the doctor field is blank. It just shows "Doctor : " making a quick glance to determine who the patient's dentist is not possible like it was in previous versions of Orthotrac. Also in the previous versions, you were able to click the doctor's name if they had an email address inputted to quickly send an email without needing to go to the Rolodex.


2.) When clicking on the "tooth box" icon in the upper right hand section of the tx card, it would be helpful to have the dentist email address added as a hyperlink like in previous versions or like the patient's contact "phone box". Without it, it can make sending documents/images from the chart unnecessarily longer if it is to a dentist you do not have saved in your address book of email program (Outlook). 


3.) We have experienced frequent issues where the following items in the new patient's chart do not actually click open when pressed: patient or responsible party's email address in "phone box" and items in the documents tab (where mechanics/documents/events/aligner tracking is located). Sometimes these buttons work, sometimes they don't. 


4.) When overlooking a completed "initial or recall" Questionnaire, we are unable to read all that was written in the "doctor's comments" section. You can only see the words that fit the width of the outlined box, it does not continue on an additional line underneath as it used to in the past. To review the remaining information, you have to execute the questionnaire.


5.) In the new treatment card, the notes or "treatment history" entries do not display colored fonts. We have noticed that it will only if the notes are long enough to prompt a "read more" view. It is incredibly helpful to be able to see these colors in all views when searching back in an established patient's chart. Our office uses certain colors when the notes apply to certain situations/communications like with communicating with pt/family, separate color for insurance related notes, another color when fees are discussed, etc. 


6.) Light bar stays on top of all programs. Hopefully this is just a setting we can adjust. It seems to glitch at times when closing Light bar out as a whole, leaving a black light box shape covering that area and no way of removing it without restarting computer. 


If anyone can provide any direction to any of these issues, please share your insight


Also, feel free to add your own questions regarding the tx card update here! Maybe we can help others with similar questions find all their questions answered here in the future.