Credit Card Refund/Return

Discussion created by nateinmaine on Apr 3, 2018
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We've had a few instances where we've needed to give a patient a refund via their credit card.  Because PracticeWorks does not include a Transaction Code for a Visa/MC/DISC Refund, the credit card deposit slip is incorrect for those days.


This could be corrected by allowing users to add an adjustment Transaction Code with the Tx Class 'Credit (TOS)'.  This adjustment could then show up as Total Credit Card Adjustments on the CC Deposit Slip.  The Tx Class field is grayed out and defaults to 'New Patient' for all adjustments, which is unfortunate.


We've heard that the reporting is correct if we switch to Carestream's credit card processing, but it seems as though this functionality ought to be built in for everyone, given that credit card purchasing is built in.


This would ease a lot of headache in having to fish through month old credit card slips when the bookkeeper reconciles bank statements after entering deposit information from PracticeWorks.  In the event of an IRS audit, the PracticeWorks deposit slip also would not match the actual bank deposit, which could be a problem.  Please include this functionality!