Version 14 Patient Info Updated Feature

Discussion created by triglig7 on Apr 6, 2018
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I'll do my best to explain my concern/question:


On the new OrthoTrac 14 version, I've noticed there is a few new field/tabs in the patient information screen. The tab for Phase I, Monitoring, and Full Treatment. Each tab has fields for start date, review and completion. Here is my question- If you start a Phase I patient, the procedure code does not allow you to update the start date for Phase I. It only allows for "Update Full Progress Review," Update Full Start Date," Update Full Comp Date."


I'm going to assume that this new feature is not quite finished yet in the programming? I would guess that there would be procedure code options in  "procedure code maintenance" that would allow you to update start, progress and completion dates for Phase I and Observations at some point down the road? I'll also assume that these fields will one day become merge fields in the letter setup module as well?


Hope to hear some input soon.


Thank you,

-Adam Trigilio