Ability to comment only on day of appt

Discussion created by sundberg101 on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by prcarter

We are becoming very frustrated that we no longer have the ability to enter a "Comment Only" in a patients chart if they have an appointment later in the day. It is creating havoc for us at the end of the day and during appointments when a  staff member or the doctor needs to enter a comment in the chart (generally the details of a phone call from a parent or conversation in regards to treatment before the patient's appointment that day) and they have to pick a OH score and are unable to delete procedure codes. 

Prior to version 14 (Even though we have been told otherwise) we could choose comment only charting (even on the same day as an appointment) enter comments and no procedure codes or OH scores would post.  This feature needs to be reinstated as we are now constantly having to go into charts and clean up double posted procedure codes in the charting and patient tracking at the end of the day.