Pending issues not yet solved looking for updates: 

Discussion created by staceyw on Apr 12, 2018

I am having three issues:  


               1.)  Delta Dental of NJ no longer giving us a breakdown of benefits just giving us limited information. I have      called in on this and was told that it is currently being worked on but I do not have a time frame on when this would be corrected.  No work around given so we have to go on to Delta's website to verify these patients and they are a large number of our patients so this is super inconvenient.  It worked before the 9.0 update so something changed somewhere. 


               2.)  We have an issue where we cant verify our Medicaid patients insurance because it is pulling the group NPI and not the individual NPI also told this was sent to development but no time frame on this. Work around we were given was to change the providers NPI to the group NPI after we send claims but this work around totally messed up our E reminders and appointments were being confirmed with the wrong DR so we can not use the work around. 


               3.)  The ampere sign in & in electronic prescriptions.  Causes the Doctors to log out and does not write to the patients account. This means we can not see what we prescribed to the patients. Work around is to enter the scripts as printed scripts but no we also sent electronic which is not a good option for accurate narcotic reporting for the office. 

This is the more serious of the three issues.  



So my question is how do we get better estimates of issues being addressed?  I feel like once the problem is known we are just in limbo with no estimation of whats going on or who is currently working on these.  How long it will take to be corrected?  These are not new issues many have been going on for months and months here.  the prescription one has been since we went live with the e prescription software. Its incredibly frustrating for our office and while support have been great in finding the issues out the support is slow on getting them fixed.  Hoping to get a better estimation of time on these