SoftDent Version 17 is Officially Released!

Discussion created by tyson.edwards Employee on Apr 13, 2018
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After a long wait, it's finally here! We have wrapped up all flavors of SoftDent and are now ready to release to our customers. We start shipping today so keep an eye out for your disk in the mail soon!


Please visit  www.carestreamdental.com\sdwhatsnew to learn more about the features for this exciting update!


What you see in this video is just part of it.

We have done a lot in the background to try to help with overall performance of the application so that we can move forward with many larger improvements - more to come on that soon.


We appreciate your help and feedback through this process. A special thank you to our beta partners, for their patience while we got things running.


Keep up the collaboration within the community, and keep posting the issues we need to address. It really does affect the backlog.


We learned a lot with Version 17 and have some real momentum going. 17.1 is already underway and slated for an end of July ship date. A sneak peek of 17.1: Updated Patient Banner, EFT Enhancements, Removing Chart Graphics, Cell Phone Displayed, and a lot more!


It's an exciting time to be a SoftDent customer! 


Tyson Edwards

PO/UX for CS SoftDent