Update 8.1.0

Discussion created by contactclayton on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by sonyap

Our office recently did the update of 8.1.0 and we were really disappointed. We us being a multi office and a multi doctor practice, the new appointment page enhancements DID NOT work for us. Some things we didn't like are the fact that the appointment book toggle button has been removed from the toolbar. Our office has 3 different books so now we have to click the arrow button 3 times to get to the book we want where as before we only had to click once. The other thing is the floating calendar, since there isn't a designated spot for it anymore you have to move it when you go to a new book. The other issue is the flashing red line. I don't see any useful purpose and should be removed or at least an option that can be added or deleted. If any one else on this version has any suggestions please respond back. Bonnie H