Carestream fails to warn of Ver.17 issues

Discussion created by ken on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by john.wildharber

I have been a Softdent user since 1987.  I have seen multiple changes in the management and ownership of this company.  I am sorry to say that once again the team and management at Softdent has failed to properly test an update before offering it for release, and did not notify us of the discovered issues.

I looked on the exchange portal before I wrote this, and see no mention of issues with v.17.

Before I begin any update, I check the enclosed documentation and familiarize myself with the installation instructions.  Then I call support and confirm the instructions are accurate.

I did this, and after confirming the installation procedures, was asked if I had any other questions.  

I asked, "are there any known issues?"

I was then told "yes" and advised not to do the install because there were problems if we used electronic billing services!

This is ludicrous!!   I advise Softdent management to:

-advise on their portal and by email to clients that were mailed updates to delay installation until issue resolved.

- make their staff in support aware of this and advise callers without having them have to ask about known issues!


I would like to see this explained to me by Softdent management support, but guess we'll see if they read the exchange...