Today's Appointment in Patient Chart

Discussion created by karenecalefdmd on May 22, 2018
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Version 14 Today's Appt in Patient Chart:

We are struggling with the fact that there is no way to change the Appt Type (color and word coded) in the version 14 Patient Chart.  Even after changes to the Procedures, the Appt Type did not change.  


This is important for us if the patient is booked for IR and then the doctor or patient decide to just do a Pano.  We can eliminate the procedure codes, but it will still post as if they had an IR in the patient chart. 

Or a patient is booked for a routine monthly visit (blue) and comes in with bracket off.  We may only have time to rebracket, and therefore want it to post as Band & Bracket appt (with no monthly visit done).


It seems excessively cumbersome for an assistant to have to "reschedule" the appointment before sending it to the front desk for check out.  Why isn't there a link in the version 14 patient chart to change the Appointment Type?


Are we missing something here?  No other office has complained about this yet?