PracticeWorks V9 Preview #1 - Multiple Staff in a Patient Chart

Discussion created by juriz Employee on May 29, 2018
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Good afternoon PracticeWorks community,


The development team has been diligently working on changing record locking in PracticeWorks' chart. If you are a long time user of PracticeWorks you probably thought this day would never come. 


In this discussion I'm going to hit the high points and reserve future discussions for the nuances of how we address certain workflows.


Here I'll review the following:


  • Multiple Users in a Patient Chart
  • Post Work Replaces Suspend
  • Loading Treatment Plans into the Chart


Multiple Users in a Patient Chart


Here it is, two instances of the same patient chart open at the same time:

Two Charts

Though unlikely, it would be possible to open this patient's chart on every machine in the practice - at the same time. 


Post Work Replaces Suspend


The Suspend button has been replaced with Post Work. 

Post Work Button


Post Work becomes available when a patient's chart is placed in Completed mode. After charting procedures, the Post Work button is clicked. This notifies the front that the patient is ready for checkout (turning the appointment red), switches the chart to Existing mode, and keeps you in the chart to complete any other work such as notes or prescriptions. 


Loading Treatment Plans Into the Chart


The current workflow to load a treatment plan in charting requires flipping back and forth between the Hard Tissue and Tx Plan tabs. 


Starting in V9 you can click the new Tx Plan button, found below the Hard Tissue graphic. 

Tx Plan Button


Once you click the Tx Plan button you can select a different treatment plan or create a new one:

Select a Treatment Plan




I look forward to hearing from everyone about our progress and how you believe these changes will impact your practice.