Audit Log Not Accurately Reflecting User

Discussion created by jpisariktnosi on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by paula1

When we updated to we noticed that the audit log for scheduling appointments is no longer accurate. It used to be that regardless of who was signed into WinOMS, the audit log would always put in the user that actually put in the appointment (so chose their initials and put in their password). Now, however, regardless of who actually makes the appointment, the user is whomever is signed in. THIS IS TERRIBLE when you rely on that audit log! We have a single computer that gets used to present treatment proposals, but multiple people use it. They cannot be asked to close WinOMS and re-log in every 10 minutes to make sure their username is the one to put in. Further, what's then the point of needing to put in your password when making appointments if the audit log won't accurately reflect who is making the appointment/changes? matt.ackerman paula1 Is this changed in the 9.3 update? Or can it get on the docket to get changed back??? PLEASE!!