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How to post an insurance take back

When an insurance company completes a take back for overpayment on a different patients account, how do I show that the account ledger received a payment without overstating the amount of payments/revenue?

Thanks, AP

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Re: How to post an insurance take back

Good day Anita ( @apratt ),

Please advise what you mean by "insurance take back". If an insurance company overpays for a patient's account, the usual process is to issue a refund to the insurance company and enter a Refund-Overpayment adjustment in the patient's ledger. In some cases the insurance company will allow the overpayment to be applied to a different patient's account, usually a patient who is related to the first patient / responsible party. In that case you would transfer the credit for the overpayment from one patient to the other, raising the balance on the overpaid insurance for the first patient back to 0 and lowering the balance on the second patient by the amount of the overpayment. 

If the situation is not either of the two I listed, please provide more details as I will need specifics before I can make any additional suggestions. 


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations

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