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Citrix Error: Unable to Connect to Server\Unable to Contact Store

Citrix Error: Unable to Connect to Server\Unable to Contact Store


Users are receiving errors similar to  "Unable to connect to server", "Your account cannot be added using this server address", or "Unable to contact store".

Issue occurs primarily on Windows 7/8.1 workstations.


Logging in and Launching Apps from the Webportal

A copy of these instructions is attached to this article.

  1. In any browser (we recommend Chrome) browse to
  2. Login with the domain\username and password


  3. Select “Detect Workspace”, do NOT select “Use web browser”.


  4. On the next screen, select “already installed”.
  5. You should now see all recent apps, if you do not use the App dropdown on the far left and select “All Apps”, you will then see your available apps.



Creating Shortcut for Website from Chrome

  1. Have the website open that you are needing to create the shortcut for.
  2. Select the 3 vertical dots on the far right, then “More tools”, and then “Create Shortcut…”


  3. Name the shortcut, we usually recommend “<Software Name> Cloud”


  4. There will then have a shortcut on your desktop that looks similar to the example below.


    Cloud Applications are Opening in a New Tab in the Web Browser


    When a Cloud App is opened in a Web Browser the user cannot use any local device such as their printers, scanners, local drives etc. You will need to change the method in which apps are launched.

    1. Ethanw_10-1670944694797.png


      1. On the page where you launched the cloud app, go to the upper right-hand corner and select the letter (this is different per office) then select “Account Settings”.


    2. Next, select “Advanced” on the left-hand side of the window.
    3. Ethanw_12-1670944694799.png


      3. Under “Current Method”, select the “Use Citrix Workspace App” option.


                      a. If prompted select “Already Installed”



    1. You may then launch the Cloud apps, the .ICA file will download as expected.
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