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How To Use The 'Next Appointment' Feature In Charting

How To Use The 'Next Appointment' Feature In Charting


How to use the Next Appointment feature in Charting.


The Next Appointment feature in Charting is used to communicate what kind of appointment the patient should be scheduled for as well as how far in the future that appointment should be and what procedures should be performed during that appointment.  This information appears in the Schedule screen for that patient when scheduling the patient for their next appointment.

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Patient Chart, Charting.

2.  Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3.  Select Edit Charting.  The Charting module will open for the patient selected.   The Next Appointment section can be found in the lower right corner.

4.  Specify whether the next appointment is to be Days, Weeks, or Months by selecting from the pull down list in the upper right of the Next Appointment section.

5.  Specify the number of days, weeks or months by using the up/down arrows in the When section.

6.  Click in the box to the right of Type.  An Appointment Types box will open.

7.  Select the Appointment Type.

8.  Enter a Comment for the appointment if desired.

9.  Click in the box to the right of Procedures.  A list of the available procedures will open.

10.  Double click each procedure to be attached to the next appointment.   As this is done the procedure(s) will move to the Selected Procedures list.

11.  Click OK.  The procedure selection window will close and the selected procedures will now appear in the Appointment Types box.  The illustration below shows that a patient is to be scheduled for an Adjustment 2 appointment in 3 weeks with procedure 005 attached to the appointment.

NOTE:  The next step should be done only after all other entries in Charting have been completed.

12. Click OK to close Charting. 

When the Scheduling screen is opened for that patient, this information will now appear on that screen.

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