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"image not accessible from this location"

I have never seen this before.  I checked another workstation and found the same message.  Can anyone explain why I all of a sudden can't view this patient's images?




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The main cause for the thumbnails to show "image not accessible" is due to the actual image files stored on the server no longer being seen by the software. 

Causes for this:

  • After a server migration where the new image path for where they are located on the new server wasn't updated. 
  • The images were deleted or moved from the location that they should be on the server. 
  • The permissions were changed on the data\pwimages folder limiting access so that the workstations cannot see those files. 

If you let your cursor/mouse hover over one of the image thumbnails for about 5-10 seconds, it should bring up a quick text that shows the path where it's trying to find that image file. See if you can navigate to that path and confirm if the images are actually located there. 

If they are not, it may be needed to have them restored from a backup.  If they are there, it would be worth looking into the permissions first. 

If a server migration was recently done, then one of our CS PracticeWorks Escalation team members can update the data file that contains the image paths. 

If needed, I can reach out and look at it directly with you. 


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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Thank you @jdowner   Apparently this falls in line with an issue we've been having, but it never manifested itself in this way (or at least we never noticed it before).  Someone in escalations made good notes on how to fix it, so once we have a small list of patients needing corrected, we will call in.

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