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Search by date of birth?

Search by date of birth?

We as an office use carestream/softdent and have little to no complaints. But the one thing that we think would be helpful is an option to search by date of birth. We reside in an area with a wide variety of nationalities and often it is difficult to understand the spelling of a name, but with the DOB option we could narrow it down much easier! Or if there is a way, please let me know

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One easy way is to go into Reports......then Patient.....then Birthday.  I would select Print Preview until you get the report you can always print from Print Preview.  Fill in the blanks with what you want to include or exclude, and you will get a report.  I think this is the fastest to find.  You can always generate a User Selected and include other information, but if DOB is this issue, this report may be the easiest to use.

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Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately that report would not be efficient for us. We have a very large amount of patients and running a report like that takes a few minutes, it would have to be a last resort for us to use that. I just meant when searching for a patient from the list or phone center, make it an option to use date of birth rather than first name, last name, ID, etc. Hope that makes sense!

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You probably already know, but your quick, easy search options are the following:

   First Name


   Chart No.



I feel your issue, though.  A few more search options would be very nice, including DOB.

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Might add that as a criteria to an update!!

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Yes, we are definitely looking into this. I was hoping for this to be in 17.1 but for this particular item, we would need a beta trial period because of some things that go into the backend of this. We are trying to avoid beta for minor releases.

Definitely on the books!

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I am the Senior Business Manager for a practice, and I can certainly say that having the option to search for a patient by DOB would greatly improve efficiency for the office. The option for using a report to narrow patients down by DOB is not practical at all, not when you're needing to search for a patient quickly and in real time. It has been two and a half years since the first post on this thread about this CS Dental any closer to adding a DOB search option??

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Worked with Dr. Villa's office on 1/18/2021 - they would like to also request this enhancement to search the patient list by Date of Birth.  

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I work with several offices and I would LOVE to be able to search for patients by their DOB.