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Tooth Watch Charting Notes Being Deleted

Tooth Watch Charting Notes Being Deleted

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If there is a watch on a tooth and you treatment plan using that tooth, the system will ask if you want to end the watch. If you select yes it will go back and DELETE the clinical note for that watch even if you do not have security permission to delete clinical notes. 

If you click the "W" on the tooth charting, the watch box comes up and if you select "None" for Tooth Watch it will add a note to the clinical note that the watch has ended with the date you ended the watch and remove the "W" from the tooth charting. This is the correct process, like any other clinical note in the system when an amendment is made the amended note gets added to the clinical note. If the administrator has not allowed a user to delete clinical notes the system should not allow them to delete them even if it's a watch. 

I think this is a glitch in the system not really a product idea, it does need to be addressed.

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Community Manager
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Hello @Kldixon
I reached out to support with this and they were able to recreate this issue and it has been submitted as a defect. 

Canine III

Thank you @tshaw , I appreciate the follow up!