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Canine II

Lapsed Patients

We would like to send an SMS to all of our patients who have not attended after 1/2019 to ask them to book an appointment or otherwise they will be lapsed is there a quick way to do this

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Lapsed Patients

Hi @Dawn1,

Many thanks for your post, this will be split into 3 different sections.

1) Create SMS template
2) Create Query
3) Send via Mail Merge 

1) Create SMS template

You will need to create your SMS template in the doc manager section.

1) Main Menu of R4
2) Doc Mgr
3) Highlight SMS template
4) New Template
5) Write details of SMS, please keep under 155 characters to qualify as 1 SMS

2) Create Query

We then need to create the query to bring up the list of patients that you are sending to.

1) Load into the patient selector
2) Query Wizard
3) New Query
4) Start > Next
5) Leave the top box ticked, select specify attributes
6) Scroll down on the left, until you see the headling appointments. Inside here there is an option for last completed appointment date. Double click
7) Change operator is "is earlier than or equal to"
8- Select value column, 3 dots will appear and press. Leave on 1) Absolute
9) Load date to 31/12/2018 (this will display all appts. before this date) press OK
10) In the same section, back on the left scroll up until you see address. Inside this there is an option for mobile number. Double click
11) Change the operator to contains
12) Double click the value and write 07. Press OK
13) Finish, save as new. Name for later use.

This has created a query for all patients with a mobile number who last completed appintment is equal to or before 31/12/2018.

3) Send via Mail Merge

Lastly we then send the SMS, ideally complete this via the scheduler or server PC.

1) Load the patient selector field
2) Load query wizard, find the query created on section 2
3) Highlight that query and press select
4) Above query wizard, select Mail Merge
5) Press No to only sending to selected patient
6) Select Yes, this will send to all patients and should give you the number.
7) Find the SMS template created under SMS templates on section 1
8- Highlight and press OK, this will then send. Please note the more patients the longer this takes

This will then send via the API, you can check envoy to confirm if they have sent correctly.