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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.8148

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release

Build 0.1.8148 | August 7, 2022

This week’s Sensei Cloud updates continue to expand core application functionality and deliver on recent customer requests.

New Feature: Bulk Insurance Payments

Bulk Insurance Payments have been added to the latest release of Sensei Cloud. Bulk Insurance Payments all you to:

  • Add insurance payments to the list
  • View details and apply amounts to associated patient claims
  • Enter insurance payment adjustments (overpayments, etc.)
  • Edit or delete line items as needed
  • Mark the payment Complete, which posts it to the appropriate ledgers
  • Print a detailed Bulk Insurance Payment Summary for completed payments

For additional information, see How to Enter Bulk Insurance Payments.

New Report: Outstanding Insurance

The Claims Management functionality has been enhanced with newly optimized default filtering and a new Claims Age filter. Additionally, a new Export Report function allows users to create an Outstanding Insurance Report.

Patient Notes Added to Treatment Plans

Sensei Cloud has added notes to Treatment Plans. The note is visible on the Treatment Plan itself and on the Treatment Plan printout which can be shared with the patient in hard-copy form.

Inactive Team Members Hidden in Group Permissions List

Team members whose Employment Status has been marked ‘Inactive’ are now hidden in the Group Permissions List.

Enhanced BPE / PSR Exam Recording

The Periodontal Screening and Recording (PSR) / Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE) now allow an X entry to indicate there are no teeth present in the examination area.

Patient Note Module Added to Hard Tissue Chart Banner

The Patient Note module is now available in the Hard Tissue Chart.


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