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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sensei Cloud Release 0.1.9078

Sensei Cloud

Weekly Release
Build 0.1.9078 | November 20, 2022

Additional Merge Fields Added to Templates

In response to customer requests, two new merge fields are now available for word processing templates (correspondence, clinical notes) Patient ID will be added for both US and UK customers and NHS Number for UK customers only. In cases where the information is not available from the patient record, the new merge fields will be left blank.

Outstanding Orthodontic Claims Visible when Posting Insurance Payments

Per customer request, outstanding (open, active) orthodontic claims will remain visible on the Claim Number list when posting an insurance payment (individual and bulk) until fully paid / covered, even if the claim had previously received a payment. This will make it easier to post recurring payments against the large, ongoing claims for orthodontic procedures.

Additional Insurance Information Added to Patient Record and Patient Home

The Insurance Subscriber ID and Group Number have been added to the Patient Record and Patient Home screen for easy reference. This prevents users from having to search for this information on other parts of the patient record.

Improved Patient Account Balance Discrepancy (Accounts Receivables & Statement Worklist)

Sensei Cloud has been enhanced so that it is easier to identify patients that have a balance discrepancy (e.g., net $0 balance, debit in one, credit in another, etc.) across practice locations. This allows the user to effectively manage balance aberrations and bill patients efficiently.

Balance Discrepancy Indicator on Single Location Accounts Receivable List

If patient account has a mixture of debit & credit balances across locations, the individual location records are marked with a piggy bank icon and an explanatory tooltip to the Accounts Receivable record to indicate there is a balance discrepancy for the patient account between the practice locations. Additionally, a balance discrepancy is now considered an Exception and can be filtered with the ‘Show Only Accounts with Exceptions’ checkbox.

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