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Canine II

Claims not closed but insurance payment posted

I am fairly new to softdent and have been cleaning up a lot of over looked steps in the office. I've noticed our outstanding insurance was high and when looking into it a lot of insurance payments were posted with the correct claim number but the claim never closed. I'm hoping there's an easier way to close them with out having to delete the posted payment, repost with back date and claim reattached.

Here's an example from 11/30/22. It shows the services and ins payment


The claim status shows the services and claim number with the Pr indicating were waiting on primary, but the ins payment shows the claim was attached


Here is the payment window for that insurance with the claim number in the claim box


But here is the claim in the outstanding claims in the patients chart. 


I know if you post an insurance payment and forget to add the claim but go back in once its post and add the claim it wont properly close it. 

I don't want to have to delete posted payments and back date a re-posted payment to have to close claims. If I delete the outstanding claim, it shows the claim not sent. I'm hoping someone more savvy with SoftDent has figured out a trick to this.


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Canine II

There are a few ways to do this:

1st way - If you want to be able to keep track or are 'note frantic' like I am  🙂  

I created a code in Softdent (2.99 but it can be any code in the 2.00's) and name it "Note" - I use that code to have the ability to attach the claim to any notes I make in the ledger; and it also allows you the option to close the claim.  For example - After finding the claim mentioned above, I would add a transaction to the ledger by typing "a" then "2.99" - leaving the $ blank (or at $0), I would then click the drop down for the claim # and select the claim I want to close. In the notes section I put "DOS 0/0/00 paid & posted closed jc" Then Tap 'enter' and it will prompt the 'is this the final pmt for this claim' (something along that line LOL) and click 'yes' - claim is now closed.

2nd way - Go to 'List' then 'Claim" - Once the claim list appears, tap the 'esc' to get you out of 'find mode' then tap the letter "R" - If the payment is attached to the claim you can scroll through the list and delete claims with pmts attached. HOWEVER, this can be a little tricky as you would want to make sure that the claim isn't waiting for a 2ndary ins pmt. 

To check this - right click on the claim, tap the 'status' (orange) tab. the 1st row shows the status (open primary or open 2ndary) & the 8th row show how much has been paid toward this claim.

Hope that helps, jc


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Premolar I

Did you ever get your answer?  If not, I am happy to help!  Essentially, You would view the claim and delete it from there.  You will have a delete option when you view it.  

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