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Canine III

Insurance Report

Is there a report I can run that specifies and insurance plan (or company) and a specific transaction code? Example:  All patients seen in October with insurance plan 651 that had a D0120 OR all patients with insurance company 1 that had a D0120.

I've looked through the user-selected options and am not seeing anywhere to input a transaction code. 

Jon Kohler
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Insurance Report

You are on the correct path to go to the User Selected reports. There is a tab on the user selected report set up window called "Trans/Category". This is where you can limit to patients that have had a 1110. See example below. 

In the Patient User Selected report set up window, set the Insurance plan or Insurance company equal to the desired plan or company. My example used plan. 


Next go to the Trans/Category tab on the Patient User Selected report setup window. Set the code Equal to 1110 code. You can limit the report by also setting the date to "GE" (greater than or equal to). My example is set to only include patients that have had a 1110 posted that came in on or after 01/01/2016.



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