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Canine II

New update does not allow mouse to close out patient window

The updated softdent does not allow the use of a mouse to close out a patient after submitting to insurance. The tech said to just hit Esc key. That is not a problem for me as I use a lot of keys on the keyboard instead of the mouse, but not everyone uses the the quick keys and softdent makes the clicking of the mouse and quick keys for the same actions except for this particular action. Why would that be changed except possibly an oversight and should not have been changed. Should be a quick fix. When checking out patients, it can get chaotic and using the mouse to click right through all the windows that pop up by clicking on the OK button makes for fast check outs. Now, when we click on the OK button, it grays the CANCEL button out. Then you have to click on the OK button twice to get the CANCEL button to not be grayed out and then click CANCEL. This may seem insignificant, but in the moment of crazy busy, it is a hassle, not an improvement for better efficiency as updates are supposed to be. Please correct this asap. Thank you

Premolar I

I agree with this!  

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @edmonddental
Thank you for your post, and we apologize for the frustrations. This issue has been reported, so is already in the plans to be fixed in an upcoming release.