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Canine II

Audit Log

Has anyone figured out how to get the audit log to reflect actual activity?  Ours has not been accurate for some time.  The activity is assigned to the last person that did something in the patient's account as opposed to the actual person that made the change.  Very frustrating when trying to find out who was involved in certain scenarios.

Premolar I

If you are taking about the audit log within the appointment box, it has been a year or two since it worked correctly for us. When an appointment had a change, with time, treatment or a note, it would track which user made the change, so you could converse with the correct user if a question would arise. The only thing you can do, is manually change the user every time there's a change. Good luck with that! It should be an automatic system audit.

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Premolar II

Audit log is a joke and a waste.  I have posted on this 3 years ago and nothing has changed.  If there is an issue of who did what in a patient account, there is no way to know who did it.  The audit log misses the most important piece of info if you really want to audit user activity.... the patient account being accessed.  What good does it do to see that a user added a note or modified the ledger or modified a charge if we can't who the patient was?  Audit log is only useful if you could actually audit user activity and that isn't easily done.

Canine II

I contacted Carestream in August about this issue but have not been made aware of any solution yet.