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Canine II

EMR Notes

I have several suggestions to improve EMR Notes and EMR Consents

1. EMR Consents - snippets set for the EMR consent should be accessible regardless of how many times you enter the consent form before it is locked.  They are only there when you first generate the consent and then they go away. 

2. EMR Notes - there should be an option to UNDO like there is in word

3. EMR Notes - once a provider does his "Author Signature".  The signature should show up and be viewable from the EMR not just when you create a PDF of it. 

4. There should be a print button for EMR Notes and EMR Consents without having to create a PDF first to do it. 

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Premolar I

Re: EMR Notes

I second all of these points and urge other users to please like this post. This has been a request from users for YEARS. The EMR is seriously lacking and requires some major improvements.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: EMR Notes

Thank you for your comments. The enhancements will be shared with our Development team to be reviewed and considered for a future release. The first suggestion is actually an issue Support has reported to Development for a fix. Below is a summary of that issue: 

The client is using the snippets function on EMR consents. The EMR consent form has set snippets attached to the template. The user will merge the template on the patient. Prior to saving, the user can click the snippets icon and the attached snippets will show. After saving to patients' chart, the user will edit the EMR consent form to click on the snippets icon but the assigned snippets are missing. 

We are pushing to get this issue resolved in the next build of v10. 

Appreciate your comments and will share them with WinOMS Product Line mgr.


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