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Canine III

Winoms imaging "MyPC"

When trying to get into imaging when the option of "MyPC" or "Cloud" comes up, I click MyPc like we normally do to view local images taken today, this error pops up: " CS OMS imaging Software- Citrix Image Server-- Error initializing local client. -- Incorrect Function."

I feel like this should be an easy(ish) fix but I can not figure it out.

I am posting here in hopes someone can help me rather than trying to contact support over the phone, especially if I have to be connected to the imaging team. 


Thank you!

Premolar II

Try running the pwitssetup.exe on the computer.  That should be found in the CS_Support share.  or in OMS share.  Its buried in the following path.  \oms\image\pwimage\WSetupDir\Tools.

We had this issue after each Citrix workspace update.  Running that seems to help.  Close WinOMS & Citrix first.  Right click on citrix icon by clock and exit.  Install takes no time.  Then launch WinOMS and see.

this worked for the main xray computer...but i am unable to fix the problem on the exam room computers after taking an xray, closing it out of the xray cmputer...walking to exam room pulling up xray in exam room... i am unable to find the "path" that is buried ...on the exam room computers

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I've also run the install for CSCloud_Satellite from the \WSetupDir\Tools folder. Running the installs for both has worked for our office.

On a separate note, sorry you've had to do this. Our office has to run these installs on multiple workstations multiple times a week since the upgrade to the new Citrix. 

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Are you updating Citrix Workspace every time it tells you there is an update?  I worked with support on this at one point and we found that Citrix was auto updating.  Every update, cleared out a section of a config file so we had to re-install Pwitssetup.exe so that config file could be updated again.  We stopped doing updates when prompted and do them on regular intervals, knowing I will probably have to re-install a component or two.  

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On main computer, click the windows button.  type cmd and open the command prompt.  This will open a black box.  Type hostname and hit enter.  This will show the computer.  For example it will say XrayPC.  Go to exam room and hit the windows button and type \\XrayPC and hit enter.  This should open a window with OMS folder.  Browse to folder and run pwitssetup.exe.  Good luck!

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