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WinOMS v9.1 Release Notes

WinOMS v9.1 Release Notes

Please reference the attached document for the details on what is coming in WinOMS v9.1.  I anticipate that we should have this released in the beginning of September.  I will provide a specific date once I have it.

The following enhancements are introduced in the version 9.1 of CS WinOMS software:

  • US22571 Added CLIA number to electronic claims submission file
  • US37882 Added the ability to print DC controlled substance registration number
  • US37883 Auto populate the Massachusetts Rx form with partial fill notation
  • US38445 Allow Rx printing in sequence via a checkbox selection
  • US38489 Allowed viewing of vital stats when hovering over plotted points
  • US39619* Workspace to support higher resolutions and window resizing capabilities for side by side viewing
  • US39755 Added the referral fax number field to the mail merge function
  • US39894 Masked procedures in the Procedure History screen
  • US39944 Enhanced the EMR close button “X” so it is easier to see
  • US39945 Added “Patient Age” Field to the mail merge function
  • US39947 Updated the Tooth Grid to display the full mouth
  • US40045 Added Discontinued Date field to Medications in EMR Summary
  • US40044 Added Appointment Types in Schedule Snapshot
  • US40049 Hide the digital forms navigation item – when not active
  • US40268 Expanded EMR Notes window in Mail Merge to allow full viewing of notes
  • US40539 Added email and cell number to the patient schedule reports
  • US41106 Hide Digital Forms feature – if user not licensed for Digital Forms
  • US41107 Improved multitasking by eliminating undocking messages and allowing for multiple patients to be docked
  • US41155 Added support for 2018 ICD10 codes
  • US41156 Updated ICD10 utility to download codes into current software version
  • US41196 Added support for 2018 CDT codes
  • US41322 Updated CDT utility to download codes into current software version

* enhancement includes US 39620 and US 39621 

The following customer-reported issues have been addressed in CS WinOMS v9.1:

  • DE5766 In EMR Notes, the expanded snippet window hides the RTF control and obstructs data entry
  • DE11201 ADA Claim form box 46 will not populate date of accident if other accident or employment accident fields are selected
  • DE21331 Inactive insurance is displayed on dental claim form 110 even after deleting a charge and reposting it
  • DE26020 Closed claims can be moved into the Insurance Processing Queue
  • DE28435 Update Place of Service (POS) to include Correctional Facility for billing (electronic and paper)
  • DE28437 Anesthesia/Units Not Working in Insurance Table
  • DE29824 If a charge is $1000 or more, the charged amount is not legible to insurance on dental claim
  • DE30727 Line 91 error when exiting eClaims Reports
  • DE30815 Line 17 error when changing days in scheduler after exiting the eClaims reports window
  • DE30862 Docked Patient note prompting to save changes even if no changes were made
  • DE30864 Editing an appointment generated the error "A Processing error occurred. Unable to edit this appointment"
  • DE31410 Wrong message getting displayed on EMR-Images tab
  • DE31428 If nickname is deleted for patient then report showing blank bracket ("" "") when printed
  • DE31462 Lower resolution settings are unable to see image previews
  • DE31534 Schedule Snapshot window not getting closed when user clicks on patient chart status section
  • DE31561 Narratives title bar patient id is incorrect
  • DE31562 Unable to open image from thumbnail preview
  • DE31580 WAN performance issues when adding medications
  • DE31651 Title bar for EMR screen is not refreshing when navigating to different tabs
  • DE32019 Totals for drugs in anesthesia records are incorrect when recording vitals from an anesthesia monitor
  • DE32191 Patient with two appointments scheduled at once will cause blank discharge questions
  • DE32338 EMR notes not showing correctly in preview (stretch)
  • DE32342 Last digit of NPI is partially printed when using the Ohio Prescription Template
  • DE32417 Digital Ink notes missing from EMR chart
  • DE32515 Error when posting charges for a patient
  • DE32595 Night Call List prints extra blank pages
  • DE32704 X-ray images are not previewing if the first line item is not an OMS Image
  • DE32798 Line 64 error when opening patients from the patient search window
  • DE32875 Last completed date on signed consents are not showing properly
  • DE32880 Chart Status not updating properly
  • DE33158 Measurements on anesthesia totals are incorrect
  • DE33159 Service office should default to scheduled office on encounter slip
  • DE33279 User is able to delete a locked document attachment from the EMR Summary
  • DE33942 Line 53 error occurs when using recently access tab
  • DE34062 Schedule Snapshot should show appointments in date/time order
  • DE34226 EMR Summary printout: No medical history title is overwritten
  • DE34227 WinOMS is encountering performance issues due to too many patients windows open at the same time.
  • DE34284 1280 X 1024 Image viewing causes a software fault
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Current schedule would allow us to begin OMS Cloud installs on 9/8/2017 and DVD shipments to all other customers on 9/15/2017.

Shipments of WinOMS v9.1 are underway.  Updates have also been started in the Cloud, and we expect it will take two months or so to complete.

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