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Good morning PracticeWorks users!   Development on PracticeWorks 8.1 is complete. We are in the process of QA'ing the release and getting it ready for release.    In preparation I'd like to share the major changes you'll see. *To see a larger view of the schedule click the image above.  The faux appointment book schedule

We have been told for the previous 10 months that a new update to softdent is coming and continuing to be told that this is still in the works. The other day we called and were told another 4 months. When can we expect as a Softdent user for 20 plus years it is very frustrating to see what the other companies are doing in the marketplace and
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Is it recommended to post Hygiene write-offs to the Hygienist?  We have our collection Dr set to the Dr, and the production Dr set to the Hygienist.  So when we receive a payment from a PPO plan, should we be allocating the write-off to the Hygienist?  Since the collection Dr receives all of the payment, the write-off would be
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When you open a patient's chart, a yellow box comes up on the side with a tack on the upper left corner, shows recall stats and such, where do I go to access the info in that box!? Can customized notes be added???
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We are getting ready to go chartless (not cloud based) next month and I have ordered a few Surface Pro's for the doctors to use in the rooms to show the x-ray to the patient.  We have computers in each room and the assistant will use that computer while the doctor is using the tablet.  My question is what is your workflow with