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Hey everybody!   I'm currently doing research about insurance estimation and I've put together a survey with questions related to it. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and it would greatly help us validate and potentially produce new insights about insurance estimation.   If you work with collecting insurance coverage and

Is there a way to add a pop up note to the entire family at once? Not in the account but in the Patient window. For example a family of six needs a note that applies to everyone but I do not want to add a team talk to each patient one at a time.
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Have a couple questions as we prepare for IT upgrade I want to make sure that everything we purchase is going to be compatible with the new hardware.    1) When is v17 scheduled to be released?  2) Is the windows server 2016 supported on either v16 or will it be on v17? 3) With v17 is everyone eligible for the new update?