SoftDent: Using Account List and Account Window Options

Document created by Stephen Reeder Employee on Apr 15, 2016
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The commands available from the Options section of the Express bar or Options menu when using the Enhanced Workspace are:

  • Patients: Edits account patient records.
  • Transactions: Views the transaction history.
  • Documents: Views existing or captures new documents.
  • Payments: Views a list of account payments.
  • CareCredit Integration: Access the CareCredit integration to perform account lookups, complete online applications, and use a payment calculator.
  • eReminders Settings: Displays the permitted reminder delivery methods for the responsible party. This command is enabled only if you have enrolled in the eReminders service.
  • Payoff Amount Due:Posts a check payment equal to the amount due.
  • Billing Statement: Prints a single billing statement or adds the billing statement to the list of batched statements that can be printed at your convenience.
  • Letters and Labels > Letter Expert: Merges account information to a letter template.
  • Letters and Labels > Account Information: Prints the Account Details report and Transactions List report for the selected account record.
  • After the account details are printed, you can print a list of transactions for the selected account.
  • Letters and Labels > Overdue Letter: Prints an overdue payment letter for the selected account.
  • Letters and Labels > Labels: Prints a label or laser envelope for the selected account.
  • History: Creates a history file using your word processing software. A history file enables you to enter more extensive notes about the selected account.
  • WalkOut: Prints a walkout statement listing all procedures performed today for all patients attached to the selected account.
  • Completed Claims: Views account claims.
  • Insurance Rollover: Resets used insurance benefits to zero.
  • Contacts: Adds, edits, or deletes account contact information that your office has for the selected account; adds, edits, or deletes HIPAA contacts.
  • Auto Dialer (0): Dials an account phone number.
  • If you do not have a modem, the account phone numbers are displayed for your reference.
  • TeamTalk: Adds, edits, and deletes TeamTalk notes.
  • Account Budget Plan (Ctrl + G): Views account budget plan information.
  • Credit Card Payment Plan: Displays the credit card payment plan window for the selected account.
  • Transfer to BP (Z): Transfers any or all of the account balance to a fixed loan or revolving credit account budget plan.
  • Discount: Applies a discount.
  • Validate Balance: Validates balance and fixes any balance mismatches.